Olmec foods is a US owned company and via our sister company we operate a wholesale procurement and processing business in Mexico.  We are the largest supplier of premium Chia Seeds from Mexico to the US, and also export to Europe & Australia. Furthermore we are the primary suppliers of Chia Seeds to many of the large retail brands in the US. 

We launched Olmec Foods with the purpose of leveraging our wholesale business to gain a portion of the retail market using our advantages of price, product safety, & reliable/controlled product supply.


Are you interested in carrying the Olmec Foods line?  We would love to hear from you. 

We are a vertically integrated company and can virtually guarantee that our Chia Seeds will be the most competitively priced and highest quality on the market.  We are always looking for partners to help extend our reach.


Would you like to sell our premium Chia Seeds under your own brand label?  We offer White Label & Private Label services for established brands looking to incorporate Chia Seeds into their product line.  We offer a safe, reliable and cost effective solution with quick time to market.


Lighthouse Sales Inc is a professional sales organization with background in business development and entrepreneurship. Recognizing the growing popularity of Chia Seeds they set forth to launch their own line of products. Lighthouse Sales Inc partnered with Olmec Foods to co-develop a brand catering specifically to their clientele in Los Angeles and the greater West Coast. After extensive market research they launched Aztec Gold brand Chia Seeds.

Lighthouse Sales Inc has rapidly built the Aztec Gold brand and successfully marketed to their client base. With this momentum they expanded their line to include Equestrian Chia products. Within several months of product launch they also began to export their products to buyers overseas. Olmec Foods provided Lighthouse Sales Inc with a variety of services that enabled quick time to market at very low cost. They now manage a growing brand packaged with our cleaned and certified premium Chia Seeds.Whether you own an existing brand or you are launching a new product line we have the product and capabilities to help you succeed.

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