The Chia plant is native to Central Mexico and has been cultivated as a staple food for centuries. Our mission is to provide high quality Chia direct from the source while supporting the local community of farmers that grow it. 

Olmec Foods contracts with family farms throughout the high plains region known as 'Los Altos' of Jalisco Mexico. We provide assistance and work closely as a partnership for meeting our high quality standards. Our Chia is grown in its native region where the high altitude, climate and red soil are different from any other place in the world. It is THE ORIGINAL AND AUTHENTIC CHIA. We process the seeds in our state of the art facility using a proprietary cleaning system. The Chia is packaged where it is grown, resulting in a premium product you can trust. 

We hope you enjoy the nutritious health benefits of our Chia. On behalf of Olmec Foods and our community of growers, thank you for supporting us!


The health benefits of Chia are well documented and truly amazing. What sets Olmec Foods apart is our approach to providing Chia directly from the growers that have been cultivating it for centuries. Our growers have owned and operated family farms on the land for centuries, passing down their expertise and farming heritage from generation to generation. It is THE ORIGINAL AND AUTHENTIC CHIA. Our vision is to make a local product global and deliver superior Chia directly from its ancestral lands.


We are a socially responsible company and contract with local farming cooperatives to supply our product.  All of our Chia Seeds are sourced from family farms in the high plains region of Jalisco, Mexico also known as 'Los Altos'.  Supporting documentation is available upon request.


Given that Chia Seeds are eaten raw it is incredibly important that it be thoroughly cleaned in a professional facility and then verified with lab testing.

Our processing facility is Kosher and ISO 9001-2008 certified. We are also BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certified, which is the most rigorous and extensive food certification program in the world.

Each shipment is analyzed by a New York based food laboratory. The product must meet strict standards for micro analysis as well as minimum 99.985% purity. Our results have consistently exceeded these standards and typically test above 99.99% pure. This is in contrast to other brands of Chia which we have tested as low as 95% pure containing "empty" Chia Seeds, weed seeds, stems, metal, dirt, dust, insects or insect fragments and other dangerous foreign matter. Our proprietary cleaning system is exclusively licensed to Olmec Foods and can achieve a product purity that others cannot match.

In summary, you can feel confident that the product is safe and clean when you eat Olmec Foods brand Chia Seeds.


We know Chia. We control the entire supply chain of our Chia, from farm to shelf and are very familiar with all aspects of the business.

Chia seeds are relatively new to the wholesale export market. It is primarily grown in countries where standards and documentation are not the same as those in the the United States. Via our sister company we have operated agricultural processing businesses in Mexico & Central America for the last 30 years. We are familiar with the good, the bad, and the ugly...

In third world countries it is very easy to obtain an organic certificate by questionable means *other* than farm inspection. What's worse is that unscrupulous individuals can obtain an organic certification for a small farming plot, then purchase large quantities of uncertified Chia. For example, a 'certified' plot producing 5 tons of Chia may sell 100's of tons of non-organic Chia using their certificate. They sell this Chia to unsuspecting brands who are none the wiser.

We see this practice play so often that it's almost commonplace. What's worse, most brands that buy 'organic' Chia do not test the product and take the certificate at face value. We've tested off the shelf 'organic' Chia from leading brands and have found dangerous pesticides, including some that have been banned in the US for years.

So how do you combat such a problem? The answer is to have an extensive food safety program in place to clean and test all product regardless of claims, documentation and certificates. And that's exactly what we do. We control our entire supply chain from farm to shelf and do not rely on third parties who may not have our interest, or the consumer's interest, in mind.

As soon as the wholesale market can offer credible & safe organic Chia we will be the first to offer it. Until then you can feel safe you are buying the cleanest product on the market with Olmec Foods.